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Slank release album propaganda anti-bomb

Terror bombing Indonesia still haunt the earth. As one of the patriarch of the band, Slank akan release albums that essentially anti propaganda bomb.

"The theme of anti-propaganda bombs so, the album continues the current use of English," said Bim-Bim, drummer Slank personnel when found together in another band that Penta Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Sabtu (25/7/2009).

Bim-Bim explains the theme is not as anti-bomb detonation events Hotel JW Marriott Ritz-Carlton that occurred 17 July 2009 ago. But the album title is still concealed carry humanitarian message that terror bombing can never be justified by any proof.

Then when the album will be thrown to the market? "Sunday front Ada Kok is in the market," augment him.

enter holy month of Ramadan would like to do Slank release album religion? "We need to make a religious album in every album because there are always elements Slank religinya," said Bim-Bim.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009 / Labels:

Icha Jikustik exit?

Group Jikustik band now no longer have a bassis. Icha during the 13 years up Jikustik decided to quit.

It is spread through Facebook status Icha. Men born in Samarinda, 11 October 1976 that the separation of personnel Jikustik other.

"Thanks for cooperation during this brother ... my dadi, pongki, carlo, Adhit ... It's time to say goodbye ... ..... :-(," write Icha.

Icha that not only leave the band that is the origin of Yogyakarta. Dadik the guitarist is also called a-akan hengkang. Really? Then Jikustik decide whether to disband?

"Nanti deh, not the time to talk. If I speak a strange later, more appropriate to ask him," said the vocalist Pongki when contacted, Friday (24/7/2009).

Up to now Jikustik other personnel not provide confirmation. If fate Jikustik? We wait!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 / Labels:

Create champion Surip song 'Semut Dibohongi Ikan"

There is no work for days without Surip champion. He also created some special song for my daughter Juan Ferry. One titled 'Semut Dibohongi Fish'.

The song is presented to Juan Niquita in the year to re-9. Ferry with a special request Surip champion came to the birthday child tercintanya it.

"I would love a gift to the procedure, a number of songs that the album will be studied. Lagunya have 'Village Nasi Goreng', Semut Dibohongi Fish ',' Wind Jamu ', and there are also other," said the champion Surip found in Kota Wisata, Bekasi, Jakarta East, Week (19/7/2009) the night.

Tata has ever released an album titled childhood 'White Cloud' happiness that is not the main. Shock received from the father with joy.

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Rossa argue Ignore Anggun Concert Tour

Rossa called-has received a deposit to participate in a concert tour of Anggun. However, absent Rossa and cancel the agreement. He also rebut this.

According to the newspaper Rossa is but illusory. Outstanding issues when a infotainmen the narrative is wrong. Rossa was previously agreed to join the Anggun, but had to cancel due to schedule conflicts in the concert.

"No right is naratornya. My objection to the narrative that diselsaikan. There are indications mengemplang my money," said Rossa found in tablig akbar mosque in Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan, Senin (20/7/2009).

Do not want to be a scandal and he is right to media that the problems concerned. Anggun between it and never have any problems, just all misunderstand.

"All I do have a problem. I am not a decline, because the time because I'm not fit like a tour of the contract and the contract is the same Clasmild," said Rossa.

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d Masiv Through repentance song

Creating songs that humanity is able to arouse the spirit of things is not easy. Need inspiration to be a strong music and lyrics can be received of the general public. So how the group can write d Masiv lyrics Please pardon, who have the content in the divine?

Only One is found in the Plaza Café FX Sudirman, South Jakarta, Wednesday (15 / 7), Ryan said that the song is sung is a careful expression.

"Because people often make mistakes, when we remember to pray with the error. Make our songs are not just for the fasting month, but it at any time because we can remember God at any time," he explained.

While the Rev. have that spiritual experience which according to him is hit in the heart. "Time in 2006 I was sick. Watching TV when suddenly I am a self-conscious. Doctors also do what it knows. From there I realized what I neglect," he explained.

Therefore, it is through the songs d Masiv to share experiences. If the track was able to make the hearing of temperamental akan more fun.

"It was a bonus for us, so do not just love songs. But it is also affected for the better," Ryan firm.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009 / Labels:

ST12 want to Indonesia-Malaysia through peaceful 'Isabella'

Anti Malaysian sentiment is still rooted in a number of stupid people of Indonesia. In Malaysia, not less labor Indonesian persecuted and even killed. To reconcile tensions Indonesia-Malaysia, ST12 do so through the songs' Isabella '.

"Isabella is first popular music. Many people want to listen to that song. Well we want to hope that Indonesia and Malaysia can establish a better track through the 'Isabella' is," said Charly, vocalist ST12, found in the time between the the launch of album 'Puspa, Repackage' in Plaza Semanggi, Jl Gatot Soebroto, South Jakarta, Thursday (16/7/2009).

Songs by singer Amy dipopulerkan 'Search' in the era of the 1990s according to Charly is still eligible to be heard again. Theme song lyrics and not lag period.

ST12 hope the penggemarnya can bernostalgia back through the songs' Isabella 'is included to the album' Puspa, Repackage 'their property. Not only that, lovers' Isabella 'in the era of the 1990s can also repeat the memories through their latest album is ST12.

Album 'Puspa, Repackage' contains songs hits ST12. Not only that there are a number of new songs are added to the album, other than 'Isabella' of course. "There is a song 'Let Love Away,' 'The Daddy' and 'glorify thy'," pungkas Charly.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 / Labels:

MeyChan Make a Song Mbah Surip Version of the English Language

Surip emerging leader in the stage musical phenomenon so new. MeyChan any claim to the song leader Surip. He even makes the song version of the English language. Wow ...

"Surip champion is fresh truth. Melodist Compared to now, I just make English language version," said MeyChan found in the Penta Studio, Jakarta, Selasa (14/7/2009) the night.

The song 'Not pickaback' really steal a lot of attention. Maia Pentolan duo that even using a tone row property Surip champion. MeyChan claim to get from Donny Kesuma.

"Champion Surip good concept. People think I make the concept so well," said MeyChan.

Just heard it once, pigeon origin Malang hapal the claim directly with the track champion Suri. Tone-tone lightweight champion Surip that were easy to make MeyChan love.

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Monday, July 13, 2009 / Labels:

Luna Maya At home sale Ariel Rp 3 M?

Sejoli Luna Maya and Ariel 'Peterpan' intimate look at is found in the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Jakarta, Senin (13/7/2009) the night. Both come together to attend the event 'Music Class Heroes'.

In the event, including band Peterpan to get a gold award pin. In addition there are also Peterpan, Sheila On 7, Cokelat, Slank and naive.

If the first and Ariel Luna braided hide their love, both now not timid anymore. Appear together in public, not Ariel Luna-free showroom intimacy.

Luna looks lean on the shoulders of the beloved. However, these actions do not persist because the camera infotainment direct attack. Ariel and even a little menjauh's presenters' Dahsyat 'is.

Ariel Luna and togetherness that is already wait-awaited media crew. Both want a matter of gossip home confirmed Rp 3 billion of Luna dibelikan Ariel. The house is located in the rough-skinned Jeruk, Jakarta is an oft-mentioned disambangi sejoli is.

After the event, Luna-Ariel is directly diserbu journalist and infotainment. Walking beriringan Luna menggandeng hands with Ariel, they do not answer the question any matter of media gossip home to Rp 3 billion. There is no denial or justification of both.

Ariel only want to open his mouth when asked about the award that band. He confessed happy. What Ariel is also happy because it can be accompanied Luna?

"Nggak no difference," he said before going to short in the car Honda CRV.

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Pocket up Rp 4,6 Miliar, Mbah Surip Will Buy Helicopter

RBT song 'Not pickaback' champion owned Surip benefits to Rp 4.6 billion. With the advantage of abundant, champion Surip akan planning to buy a helicopter.

Yes correct, even as it may be more to this track champion who download a lot, "said the champion Surip time journalist in the Studio ditemu Penta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Monday (13/7/2009).

periwigged gimbal that he knows the benefits to Rp 4 billion more than management. Even with a confident, leader Surip berujar that he will benefit more, while both single, 'Wake up Sleeping' exit.

RBT sales with profits of up to Rp 4.6 billion was champion Surip
feel grateful. Destination champion Surip spend the money to buy the helicopter is that the Indonesians are considered unimportant by no other nation.

"I like the questions and ask the minister about the same price pack helicopter. Abisnya people
Indonesia diremehin I love, "he said.

He is also grateful to the people who already have the songs he tone row. Grateful to the artists, including the section Ayu Azhari and women full of controversy, Manohara.

"I also thank the Manohara, Ayu Azhari, and some anggata House of RBT my life," said he relaxed

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Rossa-Yoyo Formal Divorce

Unnecessary trials that involved, and the pair Rossa Yoyo official divorce Tuesday (14/7/2009). Religion South Jakarta court decided they no longer husband and wife after the 3 time trial.

"The material has been granted a divorce suit, the child will be without diasuh Mbak Rossa Mas inhibit Yoyo come look," said Hendra Siregar, Yoyo power law when found after the trial court in Religion, South Jakarta, Jl Rambutan, Pejaten, Selasa (14/7/2009) .

Assembly to see if the judge agreed to split the pair into one of the factors and household Rossa Yoyo could not be saved again. Not only that, the family also supports the decision Rossa Yoyo contest divorce.

"They want to finish quickly, the family I have also agreed," said Iran Sahrir power when the law Yoyo found in the same place.

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ST12 GO INTERNATIONAL with song arab

Go international become the dream most Indonesia musicianses, do not aside from grup band ST12. But if some of musicianses go international with English-speaking song, ST12 other differ from. They will menyanyikan song have Arab Ianguage .
" It Iya we will go international. We will make the song with Arab Ianguage," express Pepeng, guitarist ST12 moment talk about with detikhot in area Kota, Jakarta Pusat not yet ever been this old.
Is not without reason if Pepeng and kith choose the Arab Ianguage as medium go international. Seemingly because the vokalis, Charlie clever enough aji hence ST12 choose the Arab Ianguage.
" He like to follow the race ngaji-ngaji gitu, cengkok-cengkoknya he udah can surely. He also like to sing the song nasyid," say Pepeng.
One of the evidence kepiawaian Charlie sing in Arab Ianguage, according to Pepeng have been proved by theX the moment ST12 umroh recently. Moment umroh the, Charlie spontaneously

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Kangen Band

Kangen Band is one of the music group from Indonesia. Members of the 6 people Doddy, Andika, Tama, Lim, Nory, and Barry. This music group was formed in 2005 in Lampung. The song is populernya About Stars, and the songs are adaptations dangdutnya children. By some parties who do not like and jealous, the band is considered to be not qualified. This band is considered musikalitas have, in, and the extraordinary but often enough this band direquest by radio listeners.

Although the band is listed as "first class" in Indonesia belantika music, this band has a surprise for the achievement of an Underdog band, the band is capable of collecting and the mass of fans without their videoklip played on TV. Automatic band reap range penggemarnya through the distribution of pirated CD and VCD.

It's interesting news that they already have a stock of 472 songs that were created by those who already own the album and their first album following its them. In 2007, their star sinetron entitled I am a true plebeian, which tells about their career journey.

A year after the first album released, Kangen back out the second album. Album titled Stars 14 Day present this music in different colors with the display elements of Malay and explore the elements of Java. On this album, River menggaet arranger Andi Bayau and still faithful to the backing vocal Eren.

On May 6 Kangen Band in 2009 when they launched the album. Albums that make into a song "Flying with me" is the title given worship heart.

Besides play, Kangen Band will also enter the world the big screen. This corresponds with the life story of the River Band will be appointed to the big screen. This film will be disutradarai by Lola Amaria.

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Ungu Band

Purple formed by theX the year of 1996. Pembentuknya are Ekky ( guitar) and that moment vokalis it is Michael, is while drum held by Pasha Van derr Krabb. Year of 1997, moment Ungu will manggung, Pasha Van derr Krabb ' disappear' and his position is replaced by Rowman. Enda previous is roadies-nya Ekky also follow to joint forces with Ungu.

Year of 2000, Ungu start to draw up their first album, which finally dirilis 6 July 2002 have coronet to Laguku. Before all, Ungu follow to fill 2 song in album kompilasi Klik with Lakuna, Borneo, Piknik, and Energy. Second of the song is " Ambition" and " Flower". Single first of this album, " Shadow Semu" become ost. sinetron ABG ( RCTI). Is even spelled out members by theX the success, this album newly get Platinum Award after almost this 2 album year dirilis.

Moment will enter the record kitchen for second album, Ekky decide the exit. Oncy which is the moment is newly go out from Funky Kopral selected to replace Ekky. Second album Ungu Tempat Terindah dirilis December 2003. This album of champion " Because Dia Kamu" as single first and " Conscience" selected as single both. Newly four months dirilis, his sale have reached 80.000 ( eighty thousand) coffee. enough amount signifikan in comparison with first album which ' have' got the platinum ( 150.000 coffee) in time calculation of one half year.
In the year 2005, Ungu become one of the the artist berkolaborasi with Chrisye in newest album Chrisye, " Compound".

Album Melayang dirilis December 2005. In his album is third with single " For the shake of Waktu", Purple get double platinum. With hits Demi Waktu send Ungu become MTV Exclusive Artis in December 2005. Chasm " For the shake of Waktu" merambah country Jiran, Malaysia. Four company of scrambling lable to get the rights circulate over there. SRC, the company shade Siti Nurhaliza finally go out as winner.

Purple release a mini of album to greet Ramadhan 1427 H have coronet to SurgaMu which dirilis September 2006. Only in tempo of ten day since rilis mini of album SurgaMu, have been sold [by] counted 150 thousand keping. Even Vice President Yusuf Kalla give the appreciation ' Inspiring' of album religi SurgaMu. Unhappily, moment will accept the appreciation in palace Wapres, Ungu the synchronizedness after solid coat of jeans pants shut the door against into palace, with unsuited clothes reason with protocol of palace.

In Penghargaan MTV Indonesia 2006, Ungu enter in 3 nomination, that is Most Favorite Group/Band/Duo, Best Director " For the shake of Waktu" Abimael Gandy, and Video of the Year " For the shake of Waktu".

Purple with support " A Mild Live Productions" and " Trinity Optima Productions" make the biography book. entitled book " A Mild Live Ungu Book Magazine" that launched [at] Thursday, 10 May 2007, in Jakarta. Printed by counted 40 thousand eksemplar, the book load the biography each personnel, diskografi Ungu, photoes, and even chord songs Ungu.

Purple is also often entangle making of album soundtrack. Purple have rendered the song for film Buruan Cium Gue prohibited by circulate. Purple is even also render 3 song for film Coklat Stroberi namely two song newly, " Here Untukmu" and " My friend", and also join the song " Promise" from third album [of] them Melayang.
In ajang " SCTV MUSIC AWARDS 2007" in Convention hall Jakarta ( JHCC), Purple get 4 victory. Album SurgaMu which diproduseri Trinity/Prosound bring Ungu become receiver of appreciation ' Album Religi', ' Song Paling Ngetop' and ' Video Klip Paling Ngetop' for song " If Kutahu". Is while Melayang with pledge song " Created Untukmu" win the category ' Album Pop Rock Duo/Grup'.

Purple return merilis album reguler fourth of have coronet to Untukmu Selamanya. This album di-launching in four state at the same time, that is 9 August 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10 August 2007 in Singapore, 12 August 2007 Hongkong and his top 15 August 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Pledge song in this album for example, " Lover Gelapku", " Love at heart", " What is Arti Cinta" and " Permit Aku".

Greet Ramadhan 1428 H,H, Purple merilis album religi again which in form of mini [of] album have coronet to Para Pencari-Mu. In this album Ungu berkolaborasi with ustad Jeffry Al Buchori. This album only containing five song, that is " PencariMu", " Curtsey Sujudku", " Heaven Hati", " In fact", and " my God". Before mini of this album dirilis, three from five song have ever been chosen as soundtrack sinetron religi which display during Bulan Ramadhan.

Purple is again reach for the appreciation for the category of ' Band Ngetop' in ajang SCTV Awards 2007, that goes on in JCC Senayan Jakarta, Friday, 24 Agusutus 2007. In ajang that, Ungu succeed to cast aside grup other band, be like Ada Band, Peterpan, Radja, and popular sudden new comer, Kangen Band. In the year 2007, Ungu with Samsons and Naff, nicknamed ' The Rising Star' band by organizer of music concert akbar Soundrenaline, A Mild Live Productions and Deteksi Productions, also by record lable giant Musica Studio.

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Peterpan Band

In the year 1997, Andhika ( kibor) form the band Topi by inviting his class brother in SMU 2 Bandung, Uki ( guitar), and also friend play him, Abel (bas) and Ari ( drum). Uki even also invite the friend SMP-nya Ariel filling the vowel position. With formation be like that, they start manggung and play the music beraliran Brits alternative of. Then Ari retire and Topi even also disband without definitive cause.

Andika reassemble personel Topi in year of 2000. This but, drum position held by Reza. To give the music colour more richer and adult melody, hence invite Loekman, sister friend Indra, what finally become lead guitar ( especial guitar). After formed with formation of six people, they even also take the name peterpan. 1 September 2000 officially peterpan formed.

Journey of professional peterpan started by theX the year of 2001 with merambah from café to café in Bandung. They play at in café O'Hara and Sapu Lidi by bringing the songs top 40, and also alternative rock be like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Cold play, U2, Creed, etc. Saat in café Sweep Lidi-lah their potency seen by Kang Noey ( bases Java Jive) is which look for the band to fill the album kompilasi. From three sent song for the demonstration of, " Friend", " Dream Yang Sempurna", and " Garden Langit", chosen [of] song " Dream Yang Sempurna" for input to album kompilasi Kisah 2002 Malam which dirilis July 2002. At haphazard the song become this album champion and jack up the sale reach to the 150.000 coffee.

Garden Sky

Company of record Musica Studios even also do not overcome the potency peterpan. Musica quicken proffering of contract for the debut of album peterpan. Finally album debut peterpan have coronet to Taman Langit dirilis month of June 2003. Do not dinyana, that album can be sold above number of 650.000 coffee. Of the achievement, they accept Multi Platinum for album Taman Langit.

Do not only sales amount, peterpan also success print the marathon concert champion in six provinsi in tempo of 24 hour on 18 July 2004. concert have Coronet " LA LIGHTS PETERPAN 24 JAM BREAKING RECORD" that started in Medan, Sumatra Utara [about/around] at 07.55 shall 08.40 WIB. From there, them is then continue in Padang, Sumatra Barat around at 10.45 till 11.30 WIB. At 12.55 till 13.40 WIB, Peterpan concert in Pekanbaru, Riau, continue Lampung at 16.25 shall 17.10 WIB. Ariel then open the concert in Semarang, Central Java, [about/around] at 19.45 and end at 20.30 WIB. Concert Peterpan closed in Surabaya about at 22.15 shall 23.00 WIB. Of his achievement this, they is entitled to be registered in Museum Rekor Indonesia ( MURI).

Star in Heaven

Llama do not wait, peterpan return merilis album second have coronet to Bintang in Surga in August 2004. During 2 week, that album have been sold by 350.000 coffee, and in early January 2005 have penetrated 1,7 million coffee. the is Album of champion " What is it Denganmu" this one month then ( Februari 2005) penetrate 2 million coffee. And according to note, second album peterpan this can be sold by counted 3 million coffee. fanciful enough value, remember that moment the vokalis, Ariel is stumble the problem. Ariel informed by have impregnated the former his lover, Sarah Amalia.

Year of 2005 also become the year ' feather in one's cap' for peterpan, do not only from side sale of album, but also appreciation. In early year of 2005, peterpan have reached for the appreciation as Indonesia favorite artist in MTV Asia Aid on 9 May 2005 in Bangkok. MTV ASIA AID is other name ajang MTV Asia Awards 2005 the can be performed by theX the routine per annum. This change as a form of caring MTV Internasional of earthquake disaster and wave tsunami dashing against in 11 state, 26 December 2004. In Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) 2005, peterpan take the cake the nomination by obtaining 11 nomination. Four is among others printed [by] pass the song " What is it Denganmu". From that 11 nomination, peterpan win 7 appreciation, for example for the title of best band, best album, graphical desain best album and best production masterpiece, all that thank to album Bintang in Surga. At ajang SCTV Music Awards 2005, peterpan get the appreciation in category Album Pop Group Ngetop and Lagu Paling Ngetop. After year before all also get Group Pendatang Baru Terngetop. peterpan also reach for the Band category Most Ngetop in SCTV AWARD 2005.

In year of 2005, peterpan return merilis 2 album. This even they don't merilis album ' especial'. Namely VCD Untuk Sahabat Peterpan containing Orginal VCD Karaoke including moment documentation and also clip video they do breaking record concert during 24 hour in 6 kota.dan album soundtrack film Alexandria.

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