Peterpan Band

In the year 1997, Andhika ( kibor) form the band Topi by inviting his class brother in SMU 2 Bandung, Uki ( guitar), and also friend play him, Abel (bas) and Ari ( drum). Uki even also invite the friend SMP-nya Ariel filling the vowel position. With formation be like that, they start manggung and play the music beraliran Brits alternative of. Then Ari retire and Topi even also disband without definitive cause.

Andika reassemble personel Topi in year of 2000. This but, drum position held by Reza. To give the music colour more richer and adult melody, hence invite Loekman, sister friend Indra, what finally become lead guitar ( especial guitar). After formed with formation of six people, they even also take the name peterpan. 1 September 2000 officially peterpan formed.

Journey of professional peterpan started by theX the year of 2001 with merambah from café to café in Bandung. They play at in café O'Hara and Sapu Lidi by bringing the songs top 40, and also alternative rock be like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Cold play, U2, Creed, etc. Saat in café Sweep Lidi-lah their potency seen by Kang Noey ( bases Java Jive) is which look for the band to fill the album kompilasi. From three sent song for the demonstration of, " Friend", " Dream Yang Sempurna", and " Garden Langit", chosen [of] song " Dream Yang Sempurna" for input to album kompilasi Kisah 2002 Malam which dirilis July 2002. At haphazard the song become this album champion and jack up the sale reach to the 150.000 coffee.

Garden Sky

Company of record Musica Studios even also do not overcome the potency peterpan. Musica quicken proffering of contract for the debut of album peterpan. Finally album debut peterpan have coronet to Taman Langit dirilis month of June 2003. Do not dinyana, that album can be sold above number of 650.000 coffee. Of the achievement, they accept Multi Platinum for album Taman Langit.

Do not only sales amount, peterpan also success print the marathon concert champion in six provinsi in tempo of 24 hour on 18 July 2004. concert have Coronet " LA LIGHTS PETERPAN 24 JAM BREAKING RECORD" that started in Medan, Sumatra Utara [about/around] at 07.55 shall 08.40 WIB. From there, them is then continue in Padang, Sumatra Barat around at 10.45 till 11.30 WIB. At 12.55 till 13.40 WIB, Peterpan concert in Pekanbaru, Riau, continue Lampung at 16.25 shall 17.10 WIB. Ariel then open the concert in Semarang, Central Java, [about/around] at 19.45 and end at 20.30 WIB. Concert Peterpan closed in Surabaya about at 22.15 shall 23.00 WIB. Of his achievement this, they is entitled to be registered in Museum Rekor Indonesia ( MURI).

Star in Heaven

Llama do not wait, peterpan return merilis album second have coronet to Bintang in Surga in August 2004. During 2 week, that album have been sold by 350.000 coffee, and in early January 2005 have penetrated 1,7 million coffee. the is Album of champion " What is it Denganmu" this one month then ( Februari 2005) penetrate 2 million coffee. And according to note, second album peterpan this can be sold by counted 3 million coffee. fanciful enough value, remember that moment the vokalis, Ariel is stumble the problem. Ariel informed by have impregnated the former his lover, Sarah Amalia.

Year of 2005 also become the year ' feather in one's cap' for peterpan, do not only from side sale of album, but also appreciation. In early year of 2005, peterpan have reached for the appreciation as Indonesia favorite artist in MTV Asia Aid on 9 May 2005 in Bangkok. MTV ASIA AID is other name ajang MTV Asia Awards 2005 the can be performed by theX the routine per annum. This change as a form of caring MTV Internasional of earthquake disaster and wave tsunami dashing against in 11 state, 26 December 2004. In Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) 2005, peterpan take the cake the nomination by obtaining 11 nomination. Four is among others printed [by] pass the song " What is it Denganmu". From that 11 nomination, peterpan win 7 appreciation, for example for the title of best band, best album, graphical desain best album and best production masterpiece, all that thank to album Bintang in Surga. At ajang SCTV Music Awards 2005, peterpan get the appreciation in category Album Pop Group Ngetop and Lagu Paling Ngetop. After year before all also get Group Pendatang Baru Terngetop. peterpan also reach for the Band category Most Ngetop in SCTV AWARD 2005.

In year of 2005, peterpan return merilis 2 album. This even they don't merilis album ' especial'. Namely VCD Untuk Sahabat Peterpan containing Orginal VCD Karaoke including moment documentation and also clip video they do breaking record concert during 24 hour in 6 kota.dan album soundtrack film Alexandria.


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