Ungu Band

Purple formed by theX the year of 1996. Pembentuknya are Ekky ( guitar) and that moment vokalis it is Michael, is while drum held by Pasha Van derr Krabb. Year of 1997, moment Ungu will manggung, Pasha Van derr Krabb ' disappear' and his position is replaced by Rowman. Enda previous is roadies-nya Ekky also follow to joint forces with Ungu.

Year of 2000, Ungu start to draw up their first album, which finally dirilis 6 July 2002 have coronet to Laguku. Before all, Ungu follow to fill 2 song in album kompilasi Klik with Lakuna, Borneo, Piknik, and Energy. Second of the song is " Ambition" and " Flower". Single first of this album, " Shadow Semu" become ost. sinetron ABG ( RCTI). Is even spelled out members by theX the success, this album newly get Platinum Award after almost this 2 album year dirilis.

Moment will enter the record kitchen for second album, Ekky decide the exit. Oncy which is the moment is newly go out from Funky Kopral selected to replace Ekky. Second album Ungu Tempat Terindah dirilis December 2003. This album of champion " Because Dia Kamu" as single first and " Conscience" selected as single both. Newly four months dirilis, his sale have reached 80.000 ( eighty thousand) coffee. enough amount signifikan in comparison with first album which ' have' got the platinum ( 150.000 coffee) in time calculation of one half year.
In the year 2005, Ungu become one of the the artist berkolaborasi with Chrisye in newest album Chrisye, " Compound".

Album Melayang dirilis December 2005. In his album is third with single " For the shake of Waktu", Purple get double platinum. With hits Demi Waktu send Ungu become MTV Exclusive Artis in December 2005. Chasm " For the shake of Waktu" merambah country Jiran, Malaysia. Four company of scrambling lable to get the rights circulate over there. SRC, the company shade Siti Nurhaliza finally go out as winner.

Purple release a mini of album to greet Ramadhan 1427 H have coronet to SurgaMu which dirilis September 2006. Only in tempo of ten day since rilis mini of album SurgaMu, have been sold [by] counted 150 thousand keping. Even Vice President Yusuf Kalla give the appreciation ' Inspiring' of album religi SurgaMu. Unhappily, moment will accept the appreciation in palace Wapres, Ungu the synchronizedness after solid coat of jeans pants shut the door against into palace, with unsuited clothes reason with protocol of palace.

In Penghargaan MTV Indonesia 2006, Ungu enter in 3 nomination, that is Most Favorite Group/Band/Duo, Best Director " For the shake of Waktu" Abimael Gandy, and Video of the Year " For the shake of Waktu".

Purple with support " A Mild Live Productions" and " Trinity Optima Productions" make the biography book. entitled book " A Mild Live Ungu Book Magazine" that launched [at] Thursday, 10 May 2007, in Jakarta. Printed by counted 40 thousand eksemplar, the book load the biography each personnel, diskografi Ungu, photoes, and even chord songs Ungu.

Purple is also often entangle making of album soundtrack. Purple have rendered the song for film Buruan Cium Gue prohibited by circulate. Purple is even also render 3 song for film Coklat Stroberi namely two song newly, " Here Untukmu" and " My friend", and also join the song " Promise" from third album [of] them Melayang.
In ajang " SCTV MUSIC AWARDS 2007" in Convention hall Jakarta ( JHCC), Purple get 4 victory. Album SurgaMu which diproduseri Trinity/Prosound bring Ungu become receiver of appreciation ' Album Religi', ' Song Paling Ngetop' and ' Video Klip Paling Ngetop' for song " If Kutahu". Is while Melayang with pledge song " Created Untukmu" win the category ' Album Pop Rock Duo/Grup'.

Purple return merilis album reguler fourth of have coronet to Untukmu Selamanya. This album di-launching in four state at the same time, that is 9 August 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10 August 2007 in Singapore, 12 August 2007 Hongkong and his top 15 August 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Pledge song in this album for example, " Lover Gelapku", " Love at heart", " What is Arti Cinta" and " Permit Aku".

Greet Ramadhan 1428 H,H, Purple merilis album religi again which in form of mini [of] album have coronet to Para Pencari-Mu. In this album Ungu berkolaborasi with ustad Jeffry Al Buchori. This album only containing five song, that is " PencariMu", " Curtsey Sujudku", " Heaven Hati", " In fact", and " my God". Before mini of this album dirilis, three from five song have ever been chosen as soundtrack sinetron religi which display during Bulan Ramadhan.

Purple is again reach for the appreciation for the category of ' Band Ngetop' in ajang SCTV Awards 2007, that goes on in JCC Senayan Jakarta, Friday, 24 Agusutus 2007. In ajang that, Ungu succeed to cast aside grup other band, be like Ada Band, Peterpan, Radja, and popular sudden new comer, Kangen Band. In the year 2007, Ungu with Samsons and Naff, nicknamed ' The Rising Star' band by organizer of music concert akbar Soundrenaline, A Mild Live Productions and Deteksi Productions, also by record lable giant Musica Studio.


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