Pocket up Rp 4,6 Miliar, Mbah Surip Will Buy Helicopter

RBT song 'Not pickaback' champion owned Surip benefits to Rp 4.6 billion. With the advantage of abundant, champion Surip akan planning to buy a helicopter.

Yes correct, even as it may be more to this track champion who download a lot, "said the champion Surip time journalist in the Studio ditemu Penta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Monday (13/7/2009).

periwigged gimbal that he knows the benefits to Rp 4 billion more than management. Even with a confident, leader Surip berujar that he will benefit more, while both single, 'Wake up Sleeping' exit.

RBT sales with profits of up to Rp 4.6 billion was champion Surip
feel grateful. Destination champion Surip spend the money to buy the helicopter is that the Indonesians are considered unimportant by no other nation.

"I like the questions and ask the minister about the same price pack helicopter. Abisnya people
Indonesia diremehin I love, "he said.

He is also grateful to the people who already have the songs he tone row. Grateful to the artists, including the section Ayu Azhari and women full of controversy, Manohara.

"I also thank the Manohara, Ayu Azhari, and some anggata House of RBT my life," said he relaxed


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