Icha Jikustik exit?

Group Jikustik band now no longer have a bassis. Icha during the 13 years up Jikustik decided to quit.

It is spread through Facebook status Icha. Men born in Samarinda, 11 October 1976 that the separation of personnel Jikustik other.

"Thanks for cooperation during this brother ... my dadi, pongki, carlo, Adhit ... It's time to say goodbye ... ..... :-(," write Icha.

Icha that not only leave the band that is the origin of Yogyakarta. Dadik the guitarist is also called a-akan hengkang. Really? Then Jikustik decide whether to disband?

"Nanti deh, not the time to talk. If I speak a strange later, more appropriate to ask him," said the vocalist Pongki when contacted, Friday (24/7/2009).

Up to now Jikustik other personnel not provide confirmation. If fate Jikustik? We wait!


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