Create champion Surip song 'Semut Dibohongi Ikan"

There is no work for days without Surip champion. He also created some special song for my daughter Juan Ferry. One titled 'Semut Dibohongi Fish'.

The song is presented to Juan Niquita in the year to re-9. Ferry with a special request Surip champion came to the birthday child tercintanya it.

"I would love a gift to the procedure, a number of songs that the album will be studied. Lagunya have 'Village Nasi Goreng', Semut Dibohongi Fish ',' Wind Jamu ', and there are also other," said the champion Surip found in Kota Wisata, Bekasi, Jakarta East, Week (19/7/2009) the night.

Tata has ever released an album titled childhood 'White Cloud' happiness that is not the main. Shock received from the father with joy.


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