Luna Maya At home sale Ariel Rp 3 M?

Sejoli Luna Maya and Ariel 'Peterpan' intimate look at is found in the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Jakarta, Senin (13/7/2009) the night. Both come together to attend the event 'Music Class Heroes'.

In the event, including band Peterpan to get a gold award pin. In addition there are also Peterpan, Sheila On 7, Cokelat, Slank and naive.

If the first and Ariel Luna braided hide their love, both now not timid anymore. Appear together in public, not Ariel Luna-free showroom intimacy.

Luna looks lean on the shoulders of the beloved. However, these actions do not persist because the camera infotainment direct attack. Ariel and even a little menjauh's presenters' Dahsyat 'is.

Ariel Luna and togetherness that is already wait-awaited media crew. Both want a matter of gossip home confirmed Rp 3 billion of Luna dibelikan Ariel. The house is located in the rough-skinned Jeruk, Jakarta is an oft-mentioned disambangi sejoli is.

After the event, Luna-Ariel is directly diserbu journalist and infotainment. Walking beriringan Luna menggandeng hands with Ariel, they do not answer the question any matter of media gossip home to Rp 3 billion. There is no denial or justification of both.

Ariel only want to open his mouth when asked about the award that band. He confessed happy. What Ariel is also happy because it can be accompanied Luna?

"Nggak no difference," he said before going to short in the car Honda CRV.


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