ST12 want to Indonesia-Malaysia through peaceful 'Isabella'

Anti Malaysian sentiment is still rooted in a number of stupid people of Indonesia. In Malaysia, not less labor Indonesian persecuted and even killed. To reconcile tensions Indonesia-Malaysia, ST12 do so through the songs' Isabella '.

"Isabella is first popular music. Many people want to listen to that song. Well we want to hope that Indonesia and Malaysia can establish a better track through the 'Isabella' is," said Charly, vocalist ST12, found in the time between the the launch of album 'Puspa, Repackage' in Plaza Semanggi, Jl Gatot Soebroto, South Jakarta, Thursday (16/7/2009).

Songs by singer Amy dipopulerkan 'Search' in the era of the 1990s according to Charly is still eligible to be heard again. Theme song lyrics and not lag period.

ST12 hope the penggemarnya can bernostalgia back through the songs' Isabella 'is included to the album' Puspa, Repackage 'their property. Not only that, lovers' Isabella 'in the era of the 1990s can also repeat the memories through their latest album is ST12.

Album 'Puspa, Repackage' contains songs hits ST12. Not only that there are a number of new songs are added to the album, other than 'Isabella' of course. "There is a song 'Let Love Away,' 'The Daddy' and 'glorify thy'," pungkas Charly.


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