d Masiv Through repentance song

Creating songs that humanity is able to arouse the spirit of things is not easy. Need inspiration to be a strong music and lyrics can be received of the general public. So how the group can write d Masiv lyrics Please pardon, who have the content in the divine?

Only One is found in the Plaza Café FX Sudirman, South Jakarta, Wednesday (15 / 7), Ryan said that the song is sung is a careful expression.

"Because people often make mistakes, when we remember to pray with the error. Make our songs are not just for the fasting month, but it at any time because we can remember God at any time," he explained.

While the Rev. have that spiritual experience which according to him is hit in the heart. "Time in 2006 I was sick. Watching TV when suddenly I am a self-conscious. Doctors also do what it knows. From there I realized what I neglect," he explained.

Therefore, it is through the songs d Masiv to share experiences. If the track was able to make the hearing of temperamental akan more fun.

"It was a bonus for us, so do not just love songs. But it is also affected for the better," Ryan firm.


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