Rossa argue Ignore Anggun Concert Tour

Rossa called-has received a deposit to participate in a concert tour of Anggun. However, absent Rossa and cancel the agreement. He also rebut this.

According to the newspaper Rossa is but illusory. Outstanding issues when a infotainmen the narrative is wrong. Rossa was previously agreed to join the Anggun, but had to cancel due to schedule conflicts in the concert.

"No right is naratornya. My objection to the narrative that diselsaikan. There are indications mengemplang my money," said Rossa found in tablig akbar mosque in Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan, Senin (20/7/2009).

Do not want to be a scandal and he is right to media that the problems concerned. Anggun between it and never have any problems, just all misunderstand.

"All I do have a problem. I am not a decline, because the time because I'm not fit like a tour of the contract and the contract is the same Clasmild," said Rossa.


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