Slank release album propaganda anti-bomb

Terror bombing Indonesia still haunt the earth. As one of the patriarch of the band, Slank akan release albums that essentially anti propaganda bomb.

"The theme of anti-propaganda bombs so, the album continues the current use of English," said Bim-Bim, drummer Slank personnel when found together in another band that Penta Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Sabtu (25/7/2009).

Bim-Bim explains the theme is not as anti-bomb detonation events Hotel JW Marriott Ritz-Carlton that occurred 17 July 2009 ago. But the album title is still concealed carry humanitarian message that terror bombing can never be justified by any proof.

Then when the album will be thrown to the market? "Sunday front Ada Kok is in the market," augment him.

enter holy month of Ramadan would like to do Slank release album religion? "We need to make a religious album in every album because there are always elements Slank religinya," said Bim-Bim.


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