Kangen Band

Kangen Band is one of the music group from Indonesia. Members of the 6 people Doddy, Andika, Tama, Lim, Nory, and Barry. This music group was formed in 2005 in Lampung. The song is populernya About Stars, and the songs are adaptations dangdutnya children. By some parties who do not like and jealous, the band is considered to be not qualified. This band is considered musikalitas have, in, and the extraordinary but often enough this band direquest by radio listeners.

Although the band is listed as "first class" in Indonesia belantika music, this band has a surprise for the achievement of an Underdog band, the band is capable of collecting and the mass of fans without their videoklip played on TV. Automatic band reap range penggemarnya through the distribution of pirated CD and VCD.

It's interesting news that they already have a stock of 472 songs that were created by those who already own the album and their first album following its them. In 2007, their star sinetron entitled I am a true plebeian, which tells about their career journey.

A year after the first album released, Kangen back out the second album. Album titled Stars 14 Day present this music in different colors with the display elements of Malay and explore the elements of Java. On this album, River menggaet arranger Andi Bayau and still faithful to the backing vocal Eren.

On May 6 Kangen Band in 2009 when they launched the album. Albums that make into a song "Flying with me" is the title given worship heart.

Besides play, Kangen Band will also enter the world the big screen. This corresponds with the life story of the River Band will be appointed to the big screen. This film will be disutradarai by Lola Amaria.


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