Rossa-Yoyo Formal Divorce

Unnecessary trials that involved, and the pair Rossa Yoyo official divorce Tuesday (14/7/2009). Religion South Jakarta court decided they no longer husband and wife after the 3 time trial.

"The material has been granted a divorce suit, the child will be without diasuh Mbak Rossa Mas inhibit Yoyo come look," said Hendra Siregar, Yoyo power law when found after the trial court in Religion, South Jakarta, Jl Rambutan, Pejaten, Selasa (14/7/2009) .

Assembly to see if the judge agreed to split the pair into one of the factors and household Rossa Yoyo could not be saved again. Not only that, the family also supports the decision Rossa Yoyo contest divorce.

"They want to finish quickly, the family I have also agreed," said Iran Sahrir power when the law Yoyo found in the same place.


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