ST12 GO INTERNATIONAL with song arab

Go international become the dream most Indonesia musicianses, do not aside from grup band ST12. But if some of musicianses go international with English-speaking song, ST12 other differ from. They will menyanyikan song have Arab Ianguage .
" It Iya we will go international. We will make the song with Arab Ianguage," express Pepeng, guitarist ST12 moment talk about with detikhot in area Kota, Jakarta Pusat not yet ever been this old.
Is not without reason if Pepeng and kith choose the Arab Ianguage as medium go international. Seemingly because the vokalis, Charlie clever enough aji hence ST12 choose the Arab Ianguage.
" He like to follow the race ngaji-ngaji gitu, cengkok-cengkoknya he udah can surely. He also like to sing the song nasyid," say Pepeng.
One of the evidence kepiawaian Charlie sing in Arab Ianguage, according to Pepeng have been proved by theX the moment ST12 umroh recently. Moment umroh the, Charlie spontaneously


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