MeyChan Make a Song Mbah Surip Version of the English Language

Surip emerging leader in the stage musical phenomenon so new. MeyChan any claim to the song leader Surip. He even makes the song version of the English language. Wow ...

"Surip champion is fresh truth. Melodist Compared to now, I just make English language version," said MeyChan found in the Penta Studio, Jakarta, Selasa (14/7/2009) the night.

The song 'Not pickaback' really steal a lot of attention. Maia Pentolan duo that even using a tone row property Surip champion. MeyChan claim to get from Donny Kesuma.

"Champion Surip good concept. People think I make the concept so well," said MeyChan.

Just heard it once, pigeon origin Malang hapal the claim directly with the track champion Suri. Tone-tone lightweight champion Surip that were easy to make MeyChan love.


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